Tournament RU Arena - USM Edition (Won by Cheese5555)

Approved by EviGaro and phantom
Everything stolen from Eternal Spirit

Art stolen from the original thread, edited by bkdrew

Hey so now that USM RU is coming to an end, I decided to follow the tradition of making a fun subforum tour at the end of each gen just to showcase the best of this tier and obviously have fun while we await the next gen metagame to appear so yeah, enjoy!

Specific Rules:
  • This is a standard USM RU tournament.
  • Matches are to be played on PS! or smogtours.
  • Single Elimination.
  • All rounds will be a best of three, and you are free to switch teams during your series.
  • In the case that a ban is made or a Pokemon moves up from RU to another tier or down to RU from another tier through usage during the middle of a round, the tier change(s) will not be taken into effect until the proceeding round begins.
  • Replays must be saved and posted when confirming your win/loss.
Signups will be open for a week
1. Feliburn
2. EviGaro
3. bkdrew
4. Cheese5555
5. zizalith
6. Dollainthewoods
7. yedla
8. professor tox
9. Flamita
10. RaJ.Shoot
11. neomon
12. byronthewellwell
13. Ajna
14. MrAldo
15. HaxxSel
16. esche
17. Chrisloud1
18. TheFranklin
19. zugubu royale
20. Necrozma
21. Sensei Axew
22. crucify
23. The Thunderbirds
24. Taskr
25. coupes
26. bugzinator
27. Averardo
28. Loom
29. The Leprechaun
30. Eternal Spirit
31. Bebo
32. lighthouses
33. Jacobikko
34. Ov3r Ac3
35. Cam
36. Tikkito
37. Sir Isaac Mewton
38. cyanize
39. zben
40. toinha
41. barton
42. Descending
43. Yay
44. agenS
45. toytean
46. Pinboim3
47. Senpai D.M
48. Umbra Soul



too cheesy
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won vs lighthouses ggs, server is sketchy or something so i downloaded replays, if you want them pm me on disc or something i can't upload them here

EDIT: download these and change the .pdf to .html and it should work


Abyssal Ruins

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cheese is my man and seeing him win the finals of this tour makes me super proud of him regardless of how big this tour was.
i'm happy to have seen his improvement throughout the years.
congrats cheese~ :]


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grats my man

your profile pic always succeeds in bringing a smile to my face dont ever change it

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